Standing Committee : Student Affairs
Effective Date : January 15, 2021
Next Review : January 14, 2024
Rector’s Decree : Download
Policy ID : 1.7.910
7.7 | Refund Policy

This policy regulates the refund process related to tuition fees requested by prospective and current students of Sampoerna University. It also regulates any refund due to rewards or tuition fee deduction awarded by the University.

7.7.1 | Reason For a Refund


Prospective students may request a refund under specific circumstances.

Current students may request for refund if one of the following reasons are met:

  1. Students change their study program
  2. Students take academic leave for at least a semester
  3. Students only take 15 credits or less, and thus their tuition fees are changed from fixed tuition fee into credit-based tuition fee
  4. Students fail to gain admission to University Arizona
  5. Tuition fee deduction awarded by Sampoerna University.
7.7.2 | Submission Documents and Deadlines


A prospective student who requests a refund must submit the Refund Application Form two weeks before the first day of class of the semester of entry.

Reasons of Refund Submission Documents Deadlines
1. Transfer to a different study program a.  Refund Application form
b.  Approved Study Program Transfer Form
Before the start of the advisory period


2. Transfer from a double degree to a single degree program in the same study program
3. Academic leave a.  Refund Application form
b. Approved Academic Leave Request form
4. Enrols in 15 credits or less a. Refund Application form
b. Approved study plan
Five working days after the Add/Drop period at the latest
5.  Failure to gain transfer admission to UA a. Refund Application form
b. Written report from Head of Study Program
Five working days after the announcement from UA at the latest
6. Tuition fee deduction awarded by the University Students do not need to submit any document to the Bursary office if they receive a tuition fee deduction awarded by Sampoerna University. The university will process the refund internally.

For reasons that require prospective or current students to submit any document, they must submit the document hard copy to the Bursary Office. However, if there is any special circumstance that prevents students from submitting the document hard copy, the student may request that they submit their documents electronically to the Bursary Office. If approved, the students must submit the soft copy via email.

Prospective and current students must submit the applications and supporting documents (if required) before the deadlines. There will be no refund for late submission (after the deadlines)

7.7.3 | Refund Payment


If the request is approved, Sampoerna University will transfer the refund within 7 working days after the complete documents are received by the Bursary Office.

For refunds requested by prospective students, Sampoerna University will refund the payment, except the 1st payment amount stated in the invoice.

The amount of the tuition fee deduction is regulated separately

7.7.4 | Miscellaneous


Any requests that are not addressed in this policy may be evaluated on an ad hoc basis, accompanied by evidence that justifies a refund.

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