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    This page delivers a policy manual currently in effect that has been approved through the Sampoerna University governance Process. This site is intended to function as a reference for all university community members.

    Policy Volume

    FAQ - Sampoerna University

    What is a university policy?

    A policy is a formal statement that defines governing values and objectives to manage University practice. Policies are a statement of intent that mandate principles or standards applicable to the University’s governance or operations or its staff and students practice and conduct.

    What is a university procedure?

    Procedures provide a step-by-step approach, the University’s requirements for a particular action.

    What is a university work instruction?

    Work Instructions are an internal document developed and implemented by a particular department or unit to standardize and optimize the process within certain area.

    Who approves university policies and procedures?

    The University Executive approves SU policies upon recommendation by the University Senate Standing Committee. The University Council will approve those policies that fall within its scope of governance.

    How are university policies classified?

    The classification of university policies based on SU Policies Framework:

    1. Governance
    2. Campus Community
    3. Faculty Handbook
    4. Staff Handbook
    5. Academics
    6. Student Handbook

    Is there a required format for University Policies? Is there a template available?

    Yes, a standard format for university policies is required. Please contact University Governance Administration for information on the policy template

    How often are university policies and procedures reviewed?

    Procedures associated with a university policy must be reviewed when the university policy is reviewed but may be reviewed at any time as needed

    Who should I contact if I want to comment on a policy or procedure?

    Please contact the responsible executive office or University Governance Administration

    Policy Resources


    To guide each constituency of the Sampoerna University community, we provide detailed manuals explaining policies, procedures, and resources. Below are links to important manuals in PDF format:

    Contact Us

    If you have any queries or comments regarding Sampoerna University policies and procedures, please contact:

    University Governance Administration
    Rectorate Office
    Email: governance@sampoernauniversity.ac.id
    Phone: +622150222234

    Update on Policies & Procedures

    SU has the revised Senate By-Laws, this document was approved by the University Council and endorsed by The University Senate Standing Committee (SC) on Executive Affairs.

    Go to Sharepoint through this link.