Standing Committee : Student Affairs
Effective Date : September 23, 2022
Next Review : September 22, 2025
Rector’s Decree : Download
Policy ID : 1.7.000
7.10 | General Information
7.10.1 | General Rules and Usage of Facilities


The institution offers access to its facilities and equipment to support the students’ needs, especially for student’s activities. If students wish to use these services for activities, they must have their proposed schedule acknowledged by their Study Program, and have their activities approved by the Students Affairs Office. Any inquiry on the use of facility and/or equipment for non academic activity should be directed to the Head of Student Affairs.

7.10.2 | Laboratories


Laboratory facilities may be utilized for the following purposes:

  1. SU course material data processing;
  2. Completion of SU assignments;
  3. Gathering and processing of research data;
  4. Practicum of subject course material;
  5. Course activity needs of students, lecturers, and staff.

Any student who wishes to use the laboratory facility must confirm the utilization time with the laboratory staff in advance. Students using the laboratory must fill in the utilization log stating the username, the person-in-charge, and the usage time acknowledged by the laboratory staff.

Every student who uses the laboratory facilities must follow all laboratory rules and regulations. Any liability due to the usage (breakage or loss), both intentionally and unintentionally, that is noncompliant with regulations may result in the replacement of laboratory equipment at the cost of the user. All use of equipment and facilities outside of organized academic activities must be approved by the appropriate Dean in writing. Below is the list of laboratories and their locations:

  1. Computer Lab A, located on the 5th floor, Office Tower
  2. Computer Lab B, located on the 5th floor, Office Tower
  3. Computer Lab C, located on the 5th floor, Office Tower
  4. Computer Lab D, located on the 5th floor, Office Tower
  5. Creativity Centre I, located on the 7th floor, Office Tower
  6. Creativity Centre II, located on the 7th floor, Office Tower
  7. Green Screen Area, located on the 7th floor, Office Tower
  8. STEM Lab, located on the 7th floor, Office Tower
  9. Wet Lab, located on LG, South Tower
  10. Materials Engineering Lab, located on LG, South Tower
  11. Engineering Drafting Lab, located on LG, South Tower
7.10.3 | Praying Rooms


A Musholla is available on the fifth floor and divided into two different rooms for men and women. An ablution room is also available next to the Musholla. To keep the area clean and tidy, we provide locker for shoes, and it is our shared responsibility to maintain cleanliness in these areas.

7.10.4 | Health and Safety


We encourage students to take good care of themselves and stay healthy. For students who require certain medications, they must provide them on their own. However, SU has a Health Clinic available to all students and attended by a medical doctor in case students need medical attention while they are on campus. Security officers are assigned to each floor or common area to control public access to the University premises and facilities.

7.10.5 | Restroom


Toilets are available on each floor for staff and students and are separated for men and women. Please use them properly and keep them clean and tidy.

7.10.6 | Parking Service


Parking facilities are available on LG, B1 and B2 floors. Parking for motorcycles is provided on the B1 floor. Any student who needs a parking subscription may contact the Parking Service Provider.