Standing Committee : Student Affairs
Effective Date : September 23, 2022
Next Review : September 22, 2025
Rector’s Decree : Download
Policy ID : 1.7.800
7.5 | Student Services
7.5.1 | Student Development


The University offers training sessions designed to help students to succeed academically and professionally. The offered training sessions may cover the following categories:

  • Academic excellence
  • Personal development
  • Relationships
  • Life skills to develop character and leadership qualities
  • Job and Career
  • Professional skills
  • Public speaking
  • Software utilization
7.5.2 | Student Organizations


A student organization is a vehicle of self-development for students towards the expansion and enhancement of their intellectual insight and integrity. Sampoerna University encourages the establishment of student organizations for the purpose of accommodating various interests and needs of the campus community.

Students may find that the demands of a rigorous curriculum may limit their involvement in extracurricular organizations. However, we strongly encourage participation in such groups toward the fulfilment of the institution’s philosophy of developing the whole student.

The Student and Alumni Affairs Office is designed to assist students in creating and developing new student groups, and provides resources and facilities for students to host meetings and organize various events and other student activities.

Student Activities

University life is about personal discovery, character development, and creation of lasting relationships, in addition to academic pursuits. With a wide array of student clubs, campus events and supported student enterprises, Sampoerna University students will experience a dynamic, stimulating, and unique environment. Student organizations are managed by the Student Activities Unit, under the University Student Union, or “BEM” (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiaswa). Currently there are six types of student organizations in Sampoerna University:

  1. Religious (Muslim, Christian, Hindu, etc.)
  2. Skills Enrichment (English, Japanese, business, etc.)
  3. Sports (basketball, badminton, table tennis, futsal, volleyball, etc.)
  4. Self-Defence (merpati putih, etc.)
  5. Arts (acoustic, choir, dance, etc.)
  6. Specific Interests (photography, adventure, journalism, etc.)
7.5.3 | Counceling


Studying at a university can be a period of great enjoyment but it can also be stressful. Personal worries are problems in themselves and can also negatively impact student academic performance. Addressing these issues in counselling is a proactive and very healthy step to take. Professional, experienced counsellors are available on campus and offer completely confidential service. This gives students an opportunity to talk to someone who is trained to deal with the issues that affect the student population.

These can include:

  • Academic problems, collaboration with Academic Advisory (Pembimbing Akademik)
  • Exam stress
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Mental health problems
  • Psychological Assessment

Students may request individual sessions with a counsellor or group meetings for training in such topics as assertiveness training, interview skills, conflict resolution, etc. To arrange a counselling session, students should contact the Student Counsellor in the Student Affairs Office on the 5th floor. During emergencies when the campus is closed, please contact the counselor by e-mail at

7.5.4 | Career Guidance


Sampoerna University offers student career guidance, preparation, and counselling from the first year to the final year of study. Career Guidance activities will help students to explore and develop their interests, talents, and aptitudes, and help them to plan ahead for the future while pursuing their academic goals.

7.5.5 | Alumni Affair


Alumni engagement nurtures the relationship between SU and its graduates through ongoing events on and off campus. Alumni are invited to serve as mentors for current students as they consider various career paths, through one-on-one consultations,  career panels, and presentations. As SU’s graduates provide tangible success of the SU degree in the workplace, alumni are often included in recruitment Open Houses and workshops to prospective students and their families.