Standing Committee : Student Affairs
Effective Date : March 17, 2021
Next Review : March 17, 2024
Rector’s Decree : Download
Policy ID : 1.7.910
7.8 | Admissions Centralisation Policy

The purpose of this policy proposal is to unify SU admissions decisions and correspondence under the Admissions Office rather than from affiliated recruiting or scholarship units.

7.8.1 | Definition

Student recruitment for SU has historically been split into two operations: one for Assisted Students and a second for Fee-paying Students. This structure works efficiently, given the different dynamics of these two applicant pools. Assisted Student recruitment, conducted by the Fundraising team, targets regions and schools that are generally under-resourced, and seeks financial support from local government agencies to subsidize admitted students’ tuition and allowances. The Fee-paying recruitment team targets high-performing applicant pools at national, national-plus, and private secondary schools that are more likely to be seeking a U.S.-style college and could pay tuition.

Both pools of applicants are subject to the same SU admissions criteria and proficiency/placement test results. Until the present, admissions letters and other documents have been generated separately: Assisted Students have been notified of admission based on a separate “Selection Committee” within Fundraising, and Fee-paying students have been notified by the SU Admissions Office.

In order to maintain consistency and equity, all admissions documents should be generated by the SU Admissions Office, in English (or bilingually, for sponsors.) This includes the Letter of Admission signed by the Rector, the checklist of required documents, the Intent to Enroll form, and any other documents that grant access to enrollment at the University. The Letter of Admission for Assisted Students will be sent by the SU Admissions Office to The PSF Fundraising Office. Fundraising will retain the authority to inform the donors regarding students who meet the scholarship criteria and to issue letters of scholarship support to students after receiving approval from donors. The Terms and Conditions of the respective scholarships between Assisted Students and PSF will be in accordance with the relevant agreement between PSF and donors. .These letters of scholarship support should clearly state that they do not confer or guarantee admission to SU, which is a separate selection process. The purpose of this policy is to demonstrate that SU has independent admissions criteria and a consistent process and is not influenced by external funders – this is a key tenet of U.S. accreditation and best practice.

7.8.2 | Policy Statement | Recruitment Candidate


Recruitment of candidates for SU will continue separately for Assisted Students and Fee-paying Students due to the distinct dynamics and logistics of these applicant pools | Standard Admissions


  1. All candidates to SU are expected to meet the standard admissions criteria, whether Assisted or Fee-paying:
  2. Acceptable scores in all sections of the LOEP test, with a minimum placement threshold into EAP Level 4.
7.8.3 | Offered Admission


Any student scoring above the defined score threshold for EAP 4 will be offered admission to SU in a standard letter from the Admissions Office, signed by the Rector (with accompanying documents.)

  1. All admission decisions must be authorized by the SU Admissions Office (or Committee); the existing “Selection Committee” in Fundraising is responsible for final scholarship approval from donors once a candidate is accepted by SU Admissions.
  2. The Assisted Student recruitment team (in Fundraising) may include a scholarship award letter at that time, explaining the terms and conditions of the award: this letter should not refer to University admissibility, but should accompany the SU Letter of Admission.
  3. Eligible applicants will be referred to sit for the designated college-readiness test if deemed likely that they will be “college-ready;” their placement may change subsequently, but the offer of admission is made at the point they achieve Level 4 scores.
  4. Acceptance of admission offers should be returned to both the Admissions office and the relevant recruitment team for appropriate follow-up.

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