The University Senate

The University Senate is the entity of the University charged with conducting and regulating the academic governance processes to provide guidance to the University Executive

Current University Senate Member

The Chair & Vice Chair of Senate

Name Faculty
Teddy Mantoro Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Secretary of Senate

Name Faculty
Iwan Setiawan Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Ex Officio Member

Name Positions
Marshall Schott President
Wahdi S.A. Yudhi Rector
Soepriyatna VR of Academic Affairs
Endriyani Widyastuti VR of Administration, Resource, and Operations
Lauren Clarke VR of Student Success & International Relations
Elan Merdy VR of Government & Corporate Relations
Lorensia Soegiarto VR of Enrollment Services
Wahyoe Soedarmono Dean of FOB
Surya D Liman Dean of FET
Hairun Gani Dean of Academic Operations
Erick H Krauss Dean of Student Success

Elected by Faculties

Name Faculty
Media A. Ayu Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Sri Susilawati Islam Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Farid Triawan Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Wahyoe Soedarmono Faculty of Business
Christian Pangaribuan Faculty of Business
Andrey Hasiholan Pulungan Faculty of Business
Dhita Puti S. Faculty of Education
Vera Syamsi Faculty of Education
Desyarti Safarini Faculty of Education

Additional Member

Name Positions
H. Bambang Winarko Head of Center for Research & Community Services
Dorita Setiawan Institutional Research & Effectiveness Manager
Dairion Acting of Head of Quality Assurances
Manoharan K. Head of Center for excellence in Teaching & Learning


Minutes of Meeting